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Mountains and Beaches

This tour is designed to introduce you to the magnificent scenery of the Baja Peninsula that cannot be appreciated from an airline at 35,000 feet and which would require an expedition of several days to see from the ground. Departing from Cabo San Lucas International Airport you will fly North into the mountains of the Sierra Laguna. Rising in places to over six thousand feet these ridges of granite are separated by steep-sided valleys and mountain streams. You will quickly realize that there is much more to see and appreciate about Cabo San Lucas than just the resorts, golf, sportfishing, and nightlife.

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We will show you isolated villages where people still live a very simple life that seems a million miles from the frenetic pace of Cabo. We will pass over a palm-lined oasis, giant cacti that may have been here since the days of the Spanish, and pine tree forests that indicate the varied climate of the region. Emerging from the mountains we will dive down to the blue waters of the Pacific and fly low along the pristine beaches. Although only a few miles from one of the world’s best-known resort cities these beaches are almost deserted. You may see the occasional ATV or horse riders, but for the most part, the beaches belong to you and the turtles. As we approach Cabo, we take a left turn over the spectacular Diamante development with its two world-class golf courses (Davis Love designed Dunes course, and El Cardonal by Tiger Woods). You also won’t be able to miss the amazing man-made 13-acre lagoon. Then it’s back to the airport where our ground crew will welcome you with a refreshing cold drink.


Tour duration: 45 minutes.

Cost: US$1,875 for up to six passengers (taxes included)*.

Contact us and schedule your tour now:, or call us at +52.1.624.157.3156


Additional charges that may apply include:
– Ferry time from San Lucas Airport to the pick-up and drop off point. Charged at the normal rate of US$2,500 per hour or portion (measured in tenths) of an hour.
– Waiting time, if the aircraft has to wait at the destination for the passengers. For each hour of flight time one hour of waiting time is included at no charge. After that the cost is US$250 per hour for the first eight hours. After that the waiting time is charged per day at a rate of two flight hours (US$5,000) per day.
– Handling fees, if any unusual expenses are incurred, such as landing fees at other airports or helipads, catering, etc.