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Are Avispa Aviation’s helicopter tours safe?  
Yes!  You will be flying in an almost new, state-of-the-art helicopter, flown by an experienced and accident-free pilot, maintained to the highest standards by FAA certified technicians.  We only operate during daytime and in perfect weather conditions.  Before departure, you will receive a full safety briefing from our ground-crew.

Can we get a close up ride to the homes of the celebrities?  
We believe that we have an obligation to respect the privacy of those on the ground and therefore we fly at an altitude and distance that does not disturb Los Cabos residents.  It is for this reason that Avispa will never fly paparazzi photographers over homes or private events such as celebrity weddings.

Do you offer reduced rates for children?
Unfortunately we can’t offer reduced rates.  We have only six seats, and we keep our prices low based on the expectation that we will receive full payment for each seat.

Is there a minimum age?  
We are a little flexible on this issue, but we strongly discourage taking children under eight years old.  All passengers must be capable of sitting securely in their seat and releasing their seat-belt and shoulder harness. They will also need to be able to talk using their headset without disturbing other passengers.

Can I open the windows to get better photos?  

Our aircraft has large windows, but they do not open.  For professional photographers chartering our helicopter for a photo mission, we can specially configure the aircraft before departure to enable the sliding doors to be opened in flight.

Can we pick our seats?  

No.  A computer program that balances the weight evenly in the helicopter determines your seat.  We almost always manage to keep couples beside each other.

What should we wear?  

For our local tours, we suggest that you wear the same clothes you would wear on a bus tour or a walk around town.  Hats can pose a danger to the helicopter if they blow into the rotors, so we will require you to put them in your backpack or to leave them with the ground-crew until you return.  For special charters to the mountains, please consult us in advance for more accurate advice on what to wear.

Will every tour follow the exact route as described?  

Occasionally it may be necessary to deviate from the usual flight path due to instructions from Air Traffic Control or weather issues.

Are we expected to tip the pilot?  

No.  If you’ve enjoyed your tour all he will be hoping for is a smile or a thumbs-up!

Do you have any other question for us? Please email us at info@avispaaviation.com.

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