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The Essence Of Cabo

Departing from Cabo San Lucas International Airport your pilot will set course for San Jose Del Cabo, transporting you at high speed over the hills above the bay until you arrive at the world famous Palmilla community and the gem of Los Cabos tourist destinations – One & Only Palmilla Hotel. Making a slow turn around this iconic resort that has hosted heads of state and Hollywood royalty for more than sixty years, you get an instant understanding of its cache. As you pass the hotel, now heading back along the beach towards Cabo San Lucas, you will see the mountain top retreat of a technology billionaire. Next is the ultra low-profile hideaway of Cabo’s truly rich and famous – appropriately named El Dorado. Here your pilot will point out the current or former homes of some movie stars and celebrities who made Los Cabos their home or vacation destination. The tour continues along the beach and past numerous resorts and private homes. You’ll see the new “Mansion” villa at Las Ventanas resort that rents for an incredible US$35,000 per night! Next up are two beautiful small bays. Chileno Bay is named for the band of pirates from Chile who used it as home base for their attacks on Spanish galleons returning from the Far East during the 17th century.

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Santa Maria Bay is a spectacular place to snorkel, and the view of the reef and the turquoise water from the air is like a picture postcard. Continuing on you’ll pass the third of four 5-Star resorts on this tour – Esperanza! Now your pilot will climb a little higher to give you a panoramic view of Cabo San Lucas, including Medano Beach and the Marina, before turning to Land’s End and the best known Cabo landmark of all – El Arco, The Arch. The pilot will circle the famous rock in both directions so that everyone gets a good photo before continuing the tour. Ahead is the last 5-Star resort on tour, The Resort at Pedregal, which is built at the foot of a dramatic cliff face and is accessible only via the longest private tunnel in Mexico. Flying past this spectacular hotel we soon arrive over the residential community of Pedregal, a breathtaking development of unique homes, many of which stand out for their enormous size or extravagant designs. Just past Pedregal we pass over two more stunning developments, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and Diamante, each of which offers a wide variety of options for a golf-centric lifestyle, from timeshares to privately owned sprawling mansions. Just past Diamante we make a turn back to the airport for a smooth landing and complimentary cold drinks.  

Tour duration: 30 minutes.

Cost: US$1,250 for up to six passengers (taxes included)*.
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*Additional charges that may apply include:
– Ferry time from San Lucas Airport to the pick-up and drop off point. Charged at the normal rate of US$2,500 per hour or portion (measured in tenths) of an hour.
– Waiting time, if the aircraft has to wait at the destination for the passengers. For each hour of flight time one hour of waiting time is included at no charge. After that the cost is US$250 per hour for the first eight hours. After that the waiting time is charged per day at a rate of two flight hours (US$5,000) per day.
– Handling fees, if any unusual expenses are incurred, such as landing fees at other airports or helipads, catering, etc.