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Avispa Aviation is the product of a friendship between three highly successful helicopter entrepreneurs who discovered that they shared a love of the Baja Peninsula and the fun resort city at its southern tip.  Blake Stamper, Ivor Shier, and Patrick Corr have been coming to Cabo as tourists for more than twenty years.  All three built substantial helicopter companies in the United States and now we have teamed up to create a first class helicopter service for Los Cabos.  We have agreed to operate only the most suitable helicopters and to do so in the safest manner possible.  Maintenance is performed to the highest standards required by the US FAA, and the aircraft manufacturer and pilots are all highly experienced professionals.  Avispa Aviation will not accept any mission that involves significant levels of risk and will never intentionally operate an aircraft in an unsafe manner in order to provide a thrill ride.

The spectacular Cabo scenery will provide all the thrills you expect!


Avispa Aviation operates a new Airbus Helicopters H130T2 helicopter.  Capable of carrying six passengers in air-conditioned comfort, this helicopter was designed specifically for sightseeing tours. Every passenger enjoys a great view in this exceptionally quiet and comfortable aircraft. Equipped with active vibration control the helicopter provides a smooth ride for passengers while creating the lowest sound footprint of any helicopter in its class.

Technical Specifications:

· Seating Capacity:  Pilot plus 6 passengers.

· Maximum Gross Weight: 5,512 lbs.

· Maximum Speed:  155 Knots, 178 MPH, 287 KPH.

· Normal Cruise Speed:  125 Knots, 144 MPH, 231 KPH

· Country of Manufacture:  France

· Manufacturer:  Airbus

· Engine Manufacturer:  Turbomeca

· Engine Model:  Arriel 2D

· Engine Weight:  304 Lbs., 138 Kilos

· Engine Horse Power: 951

· Fuel Capacity:  144 US Gallons, 545 Liters

· Fuel Burn:  55 GPH, 208 LPH

· Maximum Altitude:  25,000 Feet, 7,620 Meters

· Helicopter Cost:  U.S. $3M.

Avispa Team

Three successful helicopter entrepreneurs who share a love for Baja!